How do I become a Member of Plano Christian Church?

Every Sunday at the close of worship, the Pastor offers an invitation.  This invitation may be to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, to transfer your membership from another church to Plano Christian Church, to be baptized or to ask for prayer.  If you have made a decision to do any of the above, you may then seek out the Pastor, Elders or any staff member after the service and talk to them about your decision. 

Can I participate in the congregation without becoming a member?

Absolutely ~ and you will be warmly welcomed, too!  While only members may vote in our annual approval of our budget and our Elder candidates, we regularly have "non-members" as active participants in all other aspects of the life of our Church. Non-members can participate in our outreach ministries, G.R.O.W. groups, serve in our ministries and be regular givers to the offering. 

So why become a member?

Becoming a member of Plano Christian Church is a way of publicly affirming that you are answering God's call to serve God through the life of our Church.  Being a member is a way of saying, "I choose this church in which to live and love and learn about God through Jesus Christ."  Being a member says that I not only share each others' burdens and joys, encourage one another in the love of God, but to also hold one another accountable for walking the path God calls us on.  God has created us to be joined with others, we do not walk alone on our faith journey.  We encourage you to talk with our Pastor, Elders or staff about making this faith commitment.